The big day

Well I went from kindergarten all the way up to a senior. My hard work has finally payed off and it is time to graduate and move on to the real world. It’s a sunny day, birds are chirping and the grass is green. I think I’m going to take a shower and relax before I have to be ready for the ceremony. I get into the shower and just begin to enjoy the warm water on my face when suddenly I hear a crash outside. I quickly turn the water off and get dressed to go see all the commotion. As I open the bathroom door I notice something so very startling. A certain darkness, accompanied by an almost evil silence. As I turned the corner I could not believe what I saw.


2 thoughts on “The big day

  1. hankthebiggertank says:

    I walked around the corner and there it was. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen. It was almost as though the light had been taken from its soul. It looked me right in the eyes, almost as though it was trying to take over my body just by looking at me. I could feel it’s essence start to surround me and almost take my body over. This was crazy of what was happening. I couldn’t believe this creature was a….

  2. alexapolsdorfer says:

    little bunny rabbit. It wasn’t scary at all! I just wasn’t expecting this creature to be so little because the shadow that was casted was so big and scary. It made me feel like a little sissy girl. And I never want this experience to be found out by my friends because they will hold it against me forever. So I ended up keeping the baby bunny as a pet. And I named him….

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