Okay so prom is on its way. Prom is always such a big deal to everyone in high school. Whether you like it or not rom effects your life somehow. Every girl dreams of the perfect prom date and prom night. Usually guys want to hang out with their buds and maybe have a little fun afterward. There’s always those underclassmen girls trying to score a date with an upperclassmen guy. at the same time there are those guys with no chance and enter for a chance to win on craigslist. for the guys lucky enough to have a date, they get to pay for 2 tickets! how awesome?! but anyway prom is on its way so be safe and have fun everybody!

Okay so that was rough right? well there is a golden side to prom. everyone is always looking their best. usually people drive really nice cars also. Once you get to the building, you get a nice picture with your date and then get to sit down and have a nice dinner. It is very formal and kind of a throwback to the way lifestyle used to be. Prom is one of the most traditional things a person can be a part of and I believe that everyone should attend their senior prom whether they have a date or not.


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