Recently I celebrated my last thanksgiving break of my highschool career. I would have to say it is one for the books. I kicked it off Tuesday at 3:00 and just spent the first few days relaxing. I played some video games and watched some movies. Thursday on the big day, I went with my bestfriend to his grandparents house for dinner. We watched some football, ate some food, and played some cards. Later that night we decided to buy a 12-pack of Red Bull.
We drank the Red Bull over the course of the nigh. We played Xbox and watched movies to take up time before crashing at 4:00 am. I got a solid 5 hours of sleep because I got up to lift at 9:00 am. Lifting wasn’t that bad, I began to feel better throughout the day. I had a bonfire at my house later that night and that also went well.
Saturday was the big day. “The Game” as well as the Iron Bowl. In the first half, 3 players were ejected from the game and one OSU player left The Big House with both middle fingers in the air. Later on Michigan scores to make it 42-41 and they decide to go for the 2-point conversion to win it. The attempt failed and Ohio State earned a polished 24-0 record under Urban Meyer. Later that night the untouchable Alabama Rolling Tide were being challenged by the Auburn Tigers. On the last play of regulation, a Bama receiver caught a pass and ran out of bounds. Originally the clock was put to 0:00 and the game had gone into overtime, however Nick Saban challenged the call and got 1 second put back on the clock. Alabama wanted to kick a field goal for the win. tied at 28, they attempt a 57-yard field goal. It comes up short and an Auburn player returns it for a touchdown! Auburn wins on a blown call by Alabama.


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