Murder Me Always (Review)

I recently went to see my school play “murder me always.” The play is a drama and is actually quite unique. The plot is technically a play within a play. The point is that actors were in the middle of a play when the director was shot. The play that I was watching took place at the scene of the crime as the characters tried to crack the case.
The play could be confusing if you do not pay attention. Some characters have two roles because their stage name is technically their “real name,” while they also double as another character that particular play in the play. Each character presents different values from the indirect play to the actual play. It appears almost as a false reality and they make the audience feel like part of the play.
THe detectives in the play will communicate to the audience with fixed questions which are answered by our director, however it still implies that we are part of the play. While I know im watching a playa t my school, they immolate the illusion that the play is real and there was actually a crime. It was very interesting but also very comical.
For a high school play, I was very surprised but impressed with the style of comedy used. It wasn’t inappropriate by any means but it was directed toward a mature audience. I personally thought it was extremely entertaining, it was great how they could swing from drama to comedy with such great transitions. the characters were also very good.
There were the typical “too-good for everyone else” type of chracters, the character that argues everything but is self-proclaimed selfless, the dunce that seems to mentally never be there, and then finally the mysteriously unnoticed character whom of which plays the biggest role of all. I highly recommend seeing this play. I watched it for free but I would pay many times to see it again. Great job LC!


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