The End of the Real Ones

It is January 12th 2054, the temperature is 9 degrees and I’m carefully watching out my padio door window. In the field behind my house is an actual cow. The cow continues to move slower and slower after each second. It suddenly begins to snow as the cow slowly drops to the ground. Now you may be wondering why I would be watching a cow so steadily, well, that was the last cow in existence. There are now no more cows in the entire world. This was a very rarer cow and was kept in a field for its own protection but now it has passed away. This would present a great problem without the invention of artificial meat. My grandpa used to tell me the story, it was about 50 years ago when the greatest discovery was made. Scientists had successfully made hamburger in a lab. They had not used any animal in this process. My grandpa said they got the idea because they used to have to repair human cells, I guess that was before the “rapid refresh patches” were invented. But now that the last cow has been eliminated, science will have to take a step forward for the sake of humanity.


2 thoughts on “The End of the Real Ones

  1. hankthebiggertank says:

    The world decided to have a funeral for the cow, inviting all people to come to it. They decided to have it in Hamburg, Germany. Coco Cowpow, the President of the United States, was put in charge of doing the festivities for the cows burial. He wanted to make it memorial, making it the best funeral for any human/animal that there ever was and ever will be.
    The day was determined and the burial site also. Invitations were being made by the millions to be sent out to all the people of the world. “The United States of America invites you to the burial of the worlds last cow in Hamburg, Germany. Please bring two dishes for 10. Please no beef.” It had been on every talk show, television station, and even in every newspaper there was. “Come to the funeral.” Although there was a slight sadness in the air, many people were excited to say farewell to the cow. Those who had beef with the cow, were not sent invitations. The President knew what was at steak if they came. They could moo-ve the body of the cow or damage it in other ways.
    The day had come, thousands of buses, trains, and planes showed up in Hamburg. People began setting their dishes at the designated tables, and then ventured over to the Church of Cows. Many televisions had to be set up outside of the church so everyone could see.
    A quiet hush over the crowd of billions of people. The leader started talking and the “SHOOM.” It happened….

  2. bigolgtrain says:

    As everyone looked up to see what all the loud noises were they realized what was going on. In the sky thousands, upon thousands of cows with spacesuits were falling out of the sky. They each had a parachute that was bringing them down harmlessly to the earth. Above the floating cows where spaceships, motionlessly sitting in the sky.

    As people realized they were getting invaded they started to panic, scatter, but before they got far out of the funeral area a huge domed force field went around the area of the funeral, trapping everyone inside as the cows continued to come down.

    As the cows landed the spacesuits broke open to revile cows that are a little different than the cows that we were used to. Instead of having black spots they had green spots. Everyone there was very frightened, and then the biggest cow walked up to where the microphone was said one word before it all happened. “Moo”. Then they exterminated the human race and made Earth a huge grazing ground paradise.
    The end.

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