My Halloween Fun

I usually don’t remember Halloween experiences simply because I’m too caught up in thanksgiving and Christmas. Halloween is fun and everything but it just was never one of my favorites, however there is one in particular that I will always remember. When I was little I would go to my grandmas in Napoleon and walk around town with my mom and little brothers. We would all be dressed up in costumes looking for candy. So many different costumes on so many different children, some are funny or cute while others are kind of scary. Well that year, I turned out to be one of the scary ones despite by best efforts to appear harmless.
I decided to dress up as a clown. I was in a colorful suit with a rainbow wig and the happy face paint. I had big clown shoes on as well as a Rudolph blinking red nose. I thought I was a happy and cheerful clown and for the most part everyone had reacted positively to my attire, that was not the case for the entire night. Later on, we were almost back home and I walked passed a little girl in a fairy costume. She looked at me, pointed, and then started to bawl her eyes out and scream as loud as she could. I did nothing to this girl, and I was only 9 or 10 so I was not much bigger than her either. I feel bad for now because I have since then developed a terrifying fear of clowns.


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