How May I Help You?

I recently read an article describing Google’s “new thing.” Apparently now when you google search for something, not only will the top results pop up but now friends reviews of that topic will always show up. It is linked with Google’s social network “Google+” and supposed to help with decision making as well as web searching. This is a very clever innovation by the folks at Google. This type of thing has already been used by Facebook with the ability to like a post or share it. On Facebook you are able to give your review on a company just by posting to their page and then other users are able to like it or comment on it. Google is the most common web search engine in the world while recently Facebook popularity has gone down. This may be the thing to finally push Google into the drivers seat. In the near future we may see people become twitter-less and going big on Google+. The people at google are hoping the release of these new searches will boost the exposure of their underrated social network. If you haven’t already, I recommend trying out Google+, strap on the seat belt, and let them take you wherever they want. Google is on the rise and all competing companies should take notice.


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